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Aghori's are very interesting people. They have a unique way of praying the almighty.

Aghori's are mostly found in the northern part of India. There are small settlement of aghori's in Nepal and in the high region of Himalayas.They are basically nomads who do not confine themselves to a single place. The aghoris are known to meet at Kumbh melas. Before proceeding further want to explain What is kumbha mela....

Kumbha Mela:-

Kumbha Mela:- This kumbha mela in India created a record in the year 2000-2001. More then 30 million people gathered in Allahabad to have a holy dip in the Ganga. It is the biggest human gathering mankind has ever seen. It is held once in 12 years. People gather to take holy bath in Ganga. Ganga is holy river to Hindus, most of the people believe that bathing in Ganga on this occasion will wipe out all there sins. It is a desire of every Hindu to have a holy dip in the Ganges atleast once during their lifetime. I too wish the same. Attending kumbha is my long-standing dream. I don't know when I will be able to full fill my dream. In kumbha mela we can come across thousands of Aghories. After the completion of kumbh mela they are known to move out of the place.



if A person wishes to become an Aghori , he has to first search for a capable GURU. An aghori guru is known to be very typical. They do not immediately accept a person as his shishya. he has to first undergo certain tests. Guru will conduct some tests, which the shishya has to pass. This test includes some hard and odd levels and rules. If Aghori Guru is completely satisfied with his student's performance, then Guru will accept him as his student. Then only that guru will give him Deksha. After getting Deksha the student will cut all his relationship with the materialistic world. They lead their life according to the rules and regulation of Aghories.

I would like to clarify regarding the relationship between the guru and the shishya.

Aghora Guru:-

Is the person who has achieved some power after becoming an Aghori. The person who has got control over his Inderiyas. In other words a complete saint.

Shisya or (disciple):-

Aghori shisya is the person who got Deksha and started his life as aghori. And started to learn more thing from his Guru.


What is Dheksha.?. In simple words Dheksha is license to learn. Deksha is the word derived from Sanskrit. Deksha is Expecting to learn more from Guru. Or permission granted to become saint. In Deksha period guru is going to teach every thing his student.